About Boropharm

BoroPharm is a US based specialty chemical development and manufacturing company that focuses on supplying customers with reliable chemistry based solutions to their needs. Whether a customer has a process development need, procurement need, or commercial supply chain need, BoroPharm promises to deliver value added solutions across the complete production life cycle. Our chemical development capabilities have frequently proven to successfully offer our customers innovative and reproducible chemical solutions for their development and commercial production needs. We focus on delivering value through results oriented approaches that are designed to be cost effective, reproducible, on spec and on time… every time! Through our absolute commitment to our customers, BoroPharm offers peace of mind in the supply chain.


BoroPharm is dedicated to serving its customers needs in every way possible. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and do this through guaranteeing quality, on-time delivery, and exceptional customer service. Our mission is to serve our customers chemical needs through developing and manufacturing efficient, scalable and environmentally friendlier chemical solutions. In support of this mission we are focused on the following goals:

  • – To contribute customer VALUE through innovation and continuous improvement of processes and products
  • – To provide unparalleled TECHNICAL and CUSTOMER SERVICE
  • – To be EFFICIENT, RELIABLE and COMPETITIVELY priced while offering the highest QUALITY standard to our customers
  • – To LISTEN to, UNDERSTAND and MEET the needs of our customers, employees and supply chain
  • – To be a leading global supplier of SPECIALTY CHEMICALS.


2003 – Chemistry Professors Dr. Milton Smith and Dr. Robert Maleczka start S &M Chem, LLC based on novel chemical platform developed in their labs.

2004 – S&M Chem becomes BoroPharm, LLC

2005 – BoroPharm, LLC signs exclusive worldwide license for Borylation platform discovered at Michigan State.

2006 – BoroPharm, LLC hires Dr. Paul Herrinton as its Vice President of Chemistry Operations, a 25 year veteran in process development.

2007 – BoroPharm becomes incorporated as a Delaware Corporation

2008 – Founders of BoroPharm awarded Presidential Award in Green Chemistry by the United States Environmental Protection Agency

2009 – BoroPharm significantly expands scale and scope of offerings through broad development of Phenol chemistry platform and expansion to large scale manufacturing capacity.

2010 – BoroPharm expands Research and Development Facilities in Ann Arbor, MI site

2011 – BoroPharm licenses Professor Martin Burke’s MIDA boronate Chemistry platform from University of Illinois. License extended to quantities of MIDA boronates over 1Kg.

2012 – BoroPharm expands High Pressure Capacity and chemical platforms, including Symmetric and Asymmetric Hydrogenations, Carbonylations, and aminations.

2013 – BoroPharm achieves first known Commercial scale-up of Chan-Lam reaction.

2014 – BoroPharm expands market presence in AgroChemicals and Specialty Chemicals

2015 – BoroPharm files patent application for heterocycle platform chemistry.

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