Agrochemical Development and Manufacturing

The agrochemical industry uses many different products and formulations. Since many agrochemicals are toxic, you want to choose an agrochemical supplier with the expertise and proper equipment to complete the job. Boropharm has years of experience with custom synthesis for the agrochemical industry. We have knowledge of agrochemical rules and regulations, so your orders will be stored properly and safely.

Agrochemicals are used for a variety of purposes. Agrochemicals is a term that describes pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and hormones. Due to the effect that agrochemicals can have on the environment, there is a demand for less harsh chemicals that are effective without causing unnecessary damage to earth. Boropharm can help you formulate a chemical that is environmentally-friendly, but efficient.

Agrochemical Synthesis and Manufacturing Chemicals:


  • Pesticides
  • – Herbicides
  • – Synthetic Fertilizers
  • – Fungicides
  • – Insecticides

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When looking for a chemical supplier, you want to make sure they are reliable and authoritative. Learn more about how to research chemical suppliers.

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