May 18, 2017

How to Find Reliable Research Chemical Suppliers

Both the science and medical fields have made great progress over the past 10 years.

Scientists around the globe and their research are to thank for that. Because of the availability of more varieties of research chemicals, these advancements have been made possible. However, it is important to realize that with the number of research chemical suppliers increasing online, it can be more difficult to find a reliable source to do business with. Before making a purchase, you need to be certain that the company you are buying from is trustworthy. Many scientists want to know how to research chemical companies. Here are some tips to follow if you want to locate a reliable supplier.

Examine the Website

If you have found a potential chemical manufacturer you would like to buy from, it is essential to check out the website first and look for some specific details. For instance, is the site effective in laying out information clearly? Is the information accurate? Does the name of the company sound official? Are the content and appearance professional? If there are misspellings and various other typos especially when it comes to the names of chemicals, you have a right to be suspicious. Reputable chemical supply companies will have chemical names listed that are accurately spelled. Additionally, trustworthy websites will look more like catalogs than promotional pages. Good suppliers may also list types of laboratory equipment on their official websites.

Check for Reliable Sources

The supplier’s website should link to reliable sources. The associations should be relevant to the industry and not appear very promotional. The network support and web administrator and such shouldn’t be cryptic. Everything should be clear and understandable. It is also essential to check out the payment method. A trustworthy company will list methods such as credit and debit cards and traditional mail-in options. Beware of sites that accept personal account transfers through methods such as PayPal. This is typically a red flag. Also, verify that the address is in fact real and that support staff are available to take questions and complaints. Don’t trust all reviews any reviews or feedback you find on the company, as these can easily be fake. It is best to research the company yourself than to simply trust what other customers have to say.

Ask for MSDS

Another tip is to ask the research chemical supplier for MSDS (material safety data sheets). These are information sheets that provide details on the chemical. MSDS are made available on a worldwide scale by the supplier. Information included can be on side effects, toxicology, safety measures, flash point, handling and care, boiling points and melting points. By providing you with these sheets, the company ensures that you know all about the chemical and its uses. This is an excellent way to tell if a company is real and trustworthy. If they are aware of regulations in place, they are typically reliable.

These are all excellent tips to follow if you are trying to determine the authenticity of a website. It is crucial that you take these steps before making a purchase, as there are many scammers out there. If you are searching for a reputable research chemical supplier, contact BoroPharm today and check out our the chemical catalog.

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