There is a growing demand for specialty medicines and pharmaceuticals. However, manufacturing equipment can be costly and require more space. Developing new drugs can increase the cost, particularly when the drug is under review. Many companies are choosing to outsource their formulations of certain chemicals to outside contractors.

Boropharm is a specialist in custom chemical synthesis. We put a strong emphasis on customer service and have a 0% rejection rate. We can manufacture a solution efficiently that will meet your needs. The industry is regulated very closely, and you want to make sure that the chemical supplier you contract will follow proper regulations. Boropharm has a decade of experience with development. We will take the time to formulate the right pharmaceutical compound for you while the following pharmaceutical industry regulations carefully.

Pharmaceutical Chemicals:

  • – Antibiotics
  • – Antiseptics
  • – Statins
  • – Analagesics
  • – Hormones

If you would like more information about manufacturing a pharmaceutical compound , feel free to contact us: or call  (248) 348-5776.

When looking for a chemical supplier, you want to make sure they are reliable and authoritative. Learn more about how to research chemical suppliers.

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